STAR Core Advocate Training

Welcome to the STAR Core Advocacy Training! This easy-to-use platform will guide you through each of STAR’s training modules to help provide you with a foundation of knowledge to become a sexual assault advocate. To begin training, click through the modules on the right sidebar. Once you read through the content in each section, complete the quiz for each section before progressing onto the next. Once you have completed all modules and sections, you will be notified of your training completion.

Advocates are required to complete the online training content prior to attending the in-person training portion.

If you have questions or concerns during the training process, please contact your designated staff liaison:

Megan Wilson
(318) 625-7592

Baton Rouge
Laneceya Russ
(225) 615-7093

New Orleans
Alix Tarnowsky
(504) 407-0711