About Training


The STAR Core Advocate training is designed to help new advocates provide responsive and effective advocacy to survivors of sexual assault. This training has been designed to increase both the knowledge and skill base for training participants and emphasizes a participant-centered training approach. The training is considered an introductory, entry-level sexual assault training designed for new volunteers and staff providing services to survivors. It has been intentionally designed for those new to the field and should not be considered a relevant training for those who have been providing sexual assault advocacy for two or more years.

The STAR Core Advocate Training is broken into two parts, an online portion and an in person portion. The online learning portion must be completed prior to attending the in person training.


Online Training

The first 20 hours of the STAR Core Advocate Training is completed online. Participants will work through six modules by reading and viewing the content and completing quizzes. The six modules–(1) Introduction to STAR, (2) The Anti-Sexual Violence Movement, (3) An Introduction to Sexual Trauma, (4) Child Sexual Abuse, (5) Principles of Advocacy, and (6) Sexual Assault Response–provide a foundation for understanding sexual violence and working with survivors.

The online training is available to new STAR volunteers, staff members, interns, Regional Council and Board members. This training is to be completed prior to attending the in person training.


In Person Training Workshops

Dynamics of Sexual Violence (4 hours)

  • Introductions, icebreakers
  • Definitions of sexual violence
  • Scenarios, building empathy

Trauma-Informed Practice & Advocacy Response (8 hours)

  • Neurobiology of trauma
  • Overview of the community response for sexual violence: reporting, investigating, prosecuting, advocacy
  • Survivors rights and role of the advocate

Crisis Intervention Skill-Building (8 hours)

  • Communication skills
  • Empowerment counseling
  • Using the crisis intervention model
  • Role-plays

Policies & Procedures (4 hours)

  • Volunteer policies and procedures
  • Forms and documentation
  • Advocate panel
  • Graduation ceremony

For information on upcoming STAR training, please visit www.star.ngo or call 1-855-435-STAR.